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What has been added/updated
This will never be a full list. As I know I will forget things. I will not add things like fixed typo or added missing weapsons.

  • Made it where you could view any platform market.
  • Fixed issue where negative recoil was red. It is now black like it should be.
  • Added links to the discord.
  • Added link to Patreon site to help site out.
  • Moved important information to a page for itself to clean up site.
  • Online and offline toggle added.
  • Added button for PC that copies all you need to whisper someone in game about a riven!
  • Added Melee Rivens.
  • Made Negative Recoil Black and Recoil Red; like it should be.
  • Stats will now show as you post them!
  • Moved online/offline to users profile
  • Fixed positive recoil making it red as it's a negative
  • Added a timer on rivens. They will auto remove after 20 days
  • Added Settings! YAY! First setting is the changing your name. This is for people who changed their name in game. Only use your in game name or you will never sell rivens.
  • Added to table where Riven Name is a Link to Wiki so you can get more informaiton about the weapon.
  • Custom search is now added. You can search for certain weapon and stats for that weapon. Only draw back is you must enter a weapon to search.
  • Fixed custom search to only show weapon you are looking for. Before it returned "like" names. Now it is only weapons. Reported was Kohm returned Kohmak. Which was 100% true. This has been fixed.
  • Made it so you can view users page while not signed in.
  • You can now see users page that uses a device different than yours.
  • Riven max price increaded to 15k. Veiled is still the same.
  • Lowered the days rivens will stay onsite before being auto removed to 20 days.
  • On site messaging has been added.
  • Limit on amount of rivens that can be posted is now 10. This limit can be increase by beccoming a patreon.
  • Patreons will also not have ads! They will be removed for you.
  • Updated the resend validation to help those who typo their emails.
    Now you can see the email it is sending to before it sends.
    This also updates your email so you login with your corrected email.
  • New addtion to search has been added. You can find it at top bar on website!
  • Moved custom search to the top bar so there isn't two places. You can see ALL or break it down to a type of weapon you want to search for.
  • Moved settings to the top bar so there isn't two places.
  • Now when you Edit a riven it will reset the Posted timer.

What to expect next?
This will be next things I plan on adding.

  • Adding Items and Primed Parts.
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